In the news: post-Brexit change in a job offer

Brexit has brought with it uncertainty in all sorts of areas, not least recruitment strategy throughout financial services.

If you’ve been looking to land a new job this year, you may have found yourself in a unique position: a post-Brexit change in your job offer.

Andrew wrote an article for Financial News on just this topic, and the full article can be found here.

In the news: promotions without a pay rise

Andrew recently contributed to EFinancial Careers’ piece on accepting promotions that don’t include a pay rise. It’s not always about a salary increase, but about other benefits and long-term career moves.

This question is fascinating for employers, too, and the article includes some food for thought on what employees might look for when taking on more responsibility without a pay rise.

Read the full post from EFinancial Careers here.


In the news: eight phrases not to use with your investment banking boss

Whether negotiating a pay rise or simply trying to make a strong impression, there are certain phrases that may not go down too well with investment banking in the current climate.

Andrew was recently asked what he would recommend candidates and employees to avoid, and his answer was not to over-claim being “the expert”. In a changing environment, expertise can quickly become obsolete. Adaptability is more highly valued.

Read the full article and all eight phrases to avoid here.

In the news: quitting your investment banking job gracefully

As we rub up against the personalities of those we work with and the flaws they demonstrate, it’s common to fantasise about leaving a role or a company in dramatic style. In cut-throat environments and high-risk cultures, drama can be oh-so tempting.

But there’s another way that can be much more beneficial in the long-term. Andrew recently contributed to an article on EFinancial Careers all about how to create an exit strategy that doesn’t come back to bite you.

Read the full article here.